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10 Piece of AX Delicious Deep Fried Chicken Combo

Get 10 Pieces of our famous AX restaurant deep fried chicken combo. The AX chicken lovers have declared that our AX chicken is tastier, bigger portion and healthier than the KFC chicken

The Combo includes:

10 Pieces of deep fried crispy quarter size chicken pieces

10 servicing's of medium chips (Fries)

10 Bottles of Ruwenzori 600 ml ice cold water

10 Packs of AX hot source

10 Packs of AX Mustard source

10 Packs of AX super ketchup source

10 Packs of healthy mini sea salt.

By Hourly Package Details

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM : Time from Order to pick for 10 Piece AX Chicken Combo

Call and order for the 10 Piece AX deep fried chicken combo. It takes about an hour to cook and deliver. Delivery is free within Gulu city.  You can also come and pick up. Instructions for delivery and pick up should be made at time of ordering

Locations or Destinations

AX Hotel 22 Kitgum rd, Gulu, Uganda

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  • Price : $ 50.00 (FIXED)
  • Number of Days : 1
  • Maximum Persons : 10

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